Emergency Procedures


The dispatcher who answers your call is trained in handling emergencies.

  • Give your location
  • Describe the nature of the emergency
  • Be prepared to respond to the dispatcher's questions or instructions

In response to your call, the dispatcher will send Public Safety personnel, fire or emergency medical teams to your location immediately. Detailed information may be found at the "Emergencies on Campus" page of the Public Safety website.

Emergency Management is under the purview of the Department of Public Safety. The Public Safety non-emergency number is 843.953.5609.

The College of Charleston operates an emergency notification system that can reach students, faculty, staff and others within minutes of a campus crisis. This system is called Cougar Alert.

Cougar Alerts are used to communicate emergencies taking place on campus, with direct call to actions, such as evacuations, building closures and/or class cancellations. Alerts are also employed for emergencies or major events taking place in the greater Charleston community that might impact our campus community. CofC students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled to receive alerts.

Facilities Management may be reached at 843.953.5550 to address non-emergency issues that may damage physical property. In the event of any emergency, call 911. 


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