Program Description

The Building Liaison program is designed to provide a vital link between the building occupants, Facilities Management and Public Safety.  The Building Liaison will typically have frequent contact with their building tenants and the Facilities Management division.  In the event of an unusual circumstance or emergency, you will also be the central point of contact for Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).  It is important that the building liaison have familiarity and knowledge of their building(s) and its occupants, which enables the College to provide the best possible experience for our students, faculty and staff.  The degree to which the building liaison is empowered will depend upon the dean, department head, or director to whom they report.  Some areas want an active building liaison who contacts tenants directly about matters of building operation, safety and security.  Other building liaisons may report concerns directly to a department head or supervisor. 

Roles of a Building Liaison

  1. Building emergency coordinator and central point of contact for Facilities Management, police, fire, EHS and other safety related departments.
  2. Maintain a call tree within the building/department for collecting and disseminating information.
  3. Maintain after-hours building notification information for key building tenants.
  4. Contact point for Facilities Management issues, such as:
  • Utility outages (both planned and unplanned)
  • Building operation issues
  • Project related issues
  • Occupant-related issues
  • Coordinating work requests or reporting maintenance issues, and the contact for the occupants in the event of an emergency.

       5. Act as or actively coordinate with the Building Access Liaison.

Additional Information

You are the liaison between the building, its’ occupants and Facilities Management.  You are the contact for the building occupants who need to put in work request or report maintenance issues, and the contact for the occupants in the event of an emergency.

Facilities Management will provide you with pertinent information for your building regarding outages, shutdowns, etc.  It is your responsibility to disseminate this information to the building occupants, advising them of what is going on.

The guidelines described in the Building Liaison section of the Facilities Management website are designed to help you as the building liaison when you are faced with assorted issues and/or emergencies.  By reviewing and planning your response to situations, you will be able to remain in control of the situation and to act, not just react.

True emergencies such as floods, power outages, or fires require immediate response from Facilities Management, Public Safety, and/or City emergency responders, as well as other campus and off campus groups.

Some incidents or problems vary in the degree of severity, i.e., gas leaks, fires, asbestos exposure or hazardous material spills.  As the building liaison, you will need to use good judgment on advising the appropriate authorities as well as know the appropriate action that is necessary.  The Building Liaison section of the Facilities Management website will help you to assess the severity of the situations you may encounter and will advise you as to what actions should be taken.

Always contact the FM Operations Support Center at 843-953-5550 or via e-mail, regarding service requests, concerns, or comments.  The Operations Support Center is here to help you.


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